Thursday Already?!

It’s already Thursday morning here at camp! We’ve had a bit of rain, but that hasn’t stopped campers from having a blast! Tuesday saw campers really get involved in all of the areas. Of course, no Tuesday is complete without Tie-Dye during arts and crafts. But there were many other awesome things going on as well. Our 2 oldest cabins have both done our adventure course. This program teachers participants many new skills and abilities. During the program, cabins must work together to complete tasks, and then help support each other as they brave our High-Ropes Course.

Tuesday night saw a very fun night activity; Wild Men and Wild Women. As campers traveled all around camp, they had to find staff members dressed as animals and hidden around camp. We had a frog in the frog pond, a raccoon, a fox, and many others. But cabins also had to watch out for out wild people who would steal beans. To get more beans, a cabin would have to find our “Wild Wizard” and perform some task for him- like sing a song. In the end everyone was safe and happy, even though there was some rain in the middle (which just gave us an excuse to have a dance party).

Wednesday was a blast!  Campers got to try out lots of new things, and celebrate some classics. It all started with our Lake Swim, which had 35 campers be boated across the lake. We then all swam back together, accompanied by boars, yak boars, and lifeguards. At breakfast, lake swimmers even got some hot chocolate and doughnuts! The mud walk and “Wobbly Wednesday” are tow very popular things to do. The former has campers getting nice and muddy during free-land and then taking a quick shower in the lake. “Wobbly Wednesday” is as important as it is fun. Campers practice tipping their canoes, and then learn how to empty them so that they can canoe again. This skill is especially important for our two oldest cabins who go on canoe trip campouts.

Wednesday night saw a brand new night activity: Daggett Cove. Using materials found in each area, cabins worked together to construct mini-gold holes around camp. Cabins then rotated through and tried out all of the holes. It was amazing to see how creative and ingenious all of the holes were. Campers also got stopped by hazards a few times, and needed to work together to get through them.


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