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Keeping Cool

It was another hot one today here at Camp Daggett! But that doesn’t stop us! We started the morning off right with ¬†our lake swim. About 25 campers got the chance to be boated over to the other side of the lake and then swim back. Campers (and staff) who did the lake swim even got hot chocolate and doughnuts at breakfast! The activity periods have been great as well, with many new and old activities taking place. Of course the water areas are a hit, especially since today was “Wobbly Wednesday” in canoeing. Campers get a chance to flip their canoes upside-down and then learn how to empty and right them.

Tonight’s night activity was supposed to be “Superhero Night,” but was changed due to the heat. Campers certainly were thrilled to learn that it was changed to a water carnival. Campers got a chance to go surfing, sink canoes, pass a greasy watermelon, have a water balloon toss, build sandcastles, and even try our human bowling on our giant slip and slide. Everyone certainly appreciated the chance to cool off a little.

The heat has certainly been intense these last couple of days. Here at camp we value our campers’ safety above all else. Our staff has been extra diligent this week making sure that campers are hydrated, dressed appropriately, and of course wearing lots of sunscreen. It is amazing how flexible out staff can be to ensure that campers are always safe and happy, whether it is changing activities in our areas to switching a whole night activity. It is this devotion to the campers that truly makes Camp Daggett a great place.