Full Value

Here at camp, we like to stress what we like to call the “Full Value Agreement.” We ask that all of our campers, and staff, live by three simple rules.

  1. Work as a team
  2. Be Safe
  3. Speak Up

We feel that these three statements embody all that occurs here at camp. We like to find ways to incorporate this philosophy in all that we do. Last night, we had a night activity called “Wild Men/Wild Women” where campers run around searching for staff members dressed as animals, all while being chased by our wild people. It was amazing to see campers work as a team to stay together and accomplish tasks given to them. One cabin momentarily got separated, and it was amazing to see their single focus on reuniting with their team, ignoring all of the other things going on around them. We see team ¬†work occurring all of the time here, not just in our night activities, but in all of our areas, campouts, adventure programming, and even during meal times.

Being safe means more than just making sure you don’t get physically hurt; just as important to us is emotional safety. We stress the importance of kindness, respect and integrity. The rec field is a great example of emotional safety in action. While still having a great time playing some classic games, we stress the value of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Of course, it would be hard to be safe and work as team if one does not speak up. Communication is an essential skill, and being able to speak up and share thoughts and feelings is important. Our staff does an amazing job connecting and bonding with our campers to help them feel comfortable sharing with adults and their peers. Through these principles, and our motto “The Other Fellow First” we are able to help our campers not just have a great week, but also build some strong positive character traits.