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The beginning of the end

It is hard to believe that we are already on our final week of campers; it seems like just yesterday our staff was arriving for staff training week. Our campers would never know that out staff has already been here since early June, especially due to the amazing amount of energy and enthusiasm that every member of our Daggett Family displays each and every day. They certainly need this energy for the exciting week that we have planned.

Getting right to work on Sunday night, our campers were big fans of our Word Search night. Working with their cabins, teammates walked around and tried to find as many words from a list that they could! These words were all around camp. This night was not only a great way for campers to get to know camp a bit better, but also to get to know their cabin mates a bit better too. After all, camp is probably the best place to make friends!

Come Monday, campers were ready to hit the ground running. Since summer is finally here (75 and sunny every day), the waterfront was a huge hit. Whether it was in sailing, swimming, or canoeing, all of our campers didn’t miss an opportunity for a refreshing dip in the lake. That’s not to say that our land areas weren’t full of excitement too though. A big hit today was our “tie-dye” Tuesday, lots of interesting creations being made during free land.

The nights have been equally as exciting, with some classic, but fun night activities. Last night, campers had to solve the mystery of who stole the rat, “Piper,” from nature. After questioning many suspects and interviewing our staff for facts, campers finally found Piper! She was safe and sound, and ready to be held again. Tonight, it is the epic battle of red vs. blue in our camp-wide game of capture the flag. Campers certainly love being able to run all over camp and work together to get those flags!

This week, we also have our final wilderness explorer trip of the year. This week, the group is headed up to Pictured Rocks National Lake shore. For four days and three nights, this group will explore some of the most beautiful places in our state, if not our nation. These trips are always a hit, and campers always come back with many stories to tell!


Week Three is Underway!

Week three is certainly off to a great start! While this is the week of the Fourth, we are not saving all of the excitement for Friday. Starting off on Sunday, campers got to get to know their cabins right away. Sunday night had them putting together a story using items from each of our six areas at Camp Daggett. Working as brother/sister cabin combinations, cabins treated camp to some truly amazing, funny and creative skits.

Monday is always an exciting day at here at Daggett. Many campers try new things, or practice some old skills. Whether on water or on land, there is never a dull moment here. With such a warm summer’s day, campers were eager to get a chance to jump in the lake during swimming, sailing and canoeing. In fact, campers even get a chance to return to these areas later in the afternoon during a time we like to call free water. Many campers chose to go swimming yesterday, but there was still quite a crowd at sailing and canoeing. After free water there is of course free land, with campers choosing between arts and crafts, recreation, and nature.

The “free” concept is extended after dinner during “Free Time.” During this time, right after dinner, campers can go around and play basketball, Nuke ‘Em, tether ball, and much more;  or they  just hang out and form some lasting friendships. Something new this year is our “Daggett Delights,” a time when a staff member organizes an activity which campers can try out. Yesterday, our Assistant Director Charity made some really neat buttons with participants.

And if there wasn’t enough going on already in camp, we also have some adventures happening away from camp. This week is our first Wilderness Adventure Trip, who are currently in the Porcupine Mountains. This group of 7 brave individuals left Monday morning for the western part of the Upper Peninsula to spend the week hiking, camping, and exploring a beautiful wilderness. Our adventure trips are available for 13-15 year olds three times a summer. Each trip varies in it intensity and activities. Later in the summer, a trip will be be kayaking around South Manitou Island, while our last trip will be exploring the Pictured Rocks National Lake shore. For more information on these trips, visit our website here.


Wilderness Explorer

In addition to the eight standard weeks of summer camp, Camp Daggett also offers Wilderness Adventure trips. These trips, for campers aged 13-15, offer campers a chance to explore the world around them while also learning some new and important skills. Generally, Camp Daggett offers three of these trips each summer. Each of these trips are different and offer their own unique challenges and experiences.  All of the trips start out at our Adventure Center, where campers develop their self-esteem and teamwork skills. Following a night or two spent in our Yurt getting to know each other, campers head out to either a hike or a canoe trip. Campers are joined by members of our Adventure Education staff, who are well qualified to lead groups in a back country setting.

This week, our “Explorer” trip is out. This group left on Tuesday morning to head to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Here, our eight Explorers will spend four days and three nights hiking along the majestic coastline of Lake Superior. Known for its breathtaking scenery and challenging hikes, campers will certainly come back with a greater appreciation for the world around them. While on their journey, campers will also learn many valuable skills- including the basics of back country exploring, “Leave No Trace” back packing, and even some of the rich natural history that the area has to offer.

For more information about our Wilderness Adventure trips, click here.

Our Explorer trip overlooks Lake Superior at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Our Explorer trip overlooks Lake Superior at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore