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Happy 2nd? of July

Well, last night was an amazing night! Even though campers will get to be a home with their families for the Fourth of July, we figured we’d still have a bit of a festival. Complete with a dunk tank, campers spent the evening laughing and playing on our rec field with some classic American activities. Ring toss, popcorn, a duck pond, and of course face painting were just some of the many events that took place. After all was said and done, we lowered the flag and got changed into pajamas. It was not time for bed though, as campers returned to the fire circle they were first given glow sticks and sparklers. Even though we were a few days early, campers then got to see a spectacular fireworks display. A late evening for all, but one of the best of the week.

Camp Daggett is celebrating it’s 90th summer with campers this year. While there are many new buildings and pieces of equipment, the heart of our experience here never changes. The comes from the people who are here; from the staff to the campers everyone here has one goal: to have the best week ever.   A group who has certainly had a great two weeks are our program and service aides. These 15 year old volunteers are too old to attend camp as campers, but volunteer their time to help with camp by doing many tasks. They certainly help camp out tremendously. Thank you Proggies and Servies!


What a way to end a week!

Well Week 3 certainly ended with a bang!To help celebrate our independence day, campers skipped free land and free water, and instead got to enjoy a festive atmosphere at our carnival. From hay rides to pie eating contests and much more, no detail was spared in making sure campers got to really celebrate the 4th away from home. After the carnival, our campers got a chance to have a little picnic complete with hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon, and all of the “fixins.” After awards and our initiation ceremony, we of course had some amazing fireworks. And not to fear, our adventure trip made it back safe and sound. They had an amazing time in the Porcupine Mountains, and have plenty of stories to share. They even put on a little skit this morning at breakfast!

If you haven’t already, please be sure to complete the Parent/Camper evaluation survey described on the sheet you received at check-out, or click here. If you complete the survey, you will be entered into a drawing for a free “campership” for the summer of 2015!

Independence Day

The Fourth of July is always a popular night here at Camp Daggett! We started out celebration off in the only way we knew how: a cookout! Our night cook Dennis came in and grilled up some chicken for the entire camp. We even had corn-on-the-cob. potato salad, and chocolate chip cake to go with it!  Campers even got to eat outside with their cabins. Because our cookout went so well, campers are going to get to enjoy ANOTHER cookout this evening.

After cookout, we started our Fourth of July extravaganza! And no Independence Day celebration is complete without a parade. Cabins all worked together and made banners showing off their patriotic spirits, and we then marched with those banners up to the rec field. On the rec field, Brandon had prepared for us a spectacular extravaganza. This festival had everything! Campers got to have a watermelon seed spitting contest, a fortune teller, a duck pond, and even face painting. But the two most popular stations by far were the cotton candy machine and the dunk tank. In the later, campers got a chance to dunk some of their counselors, CITs, and area directors. At many stations, campers got tickets that they could then trade in for prizes.

At the end of the evening, campers went back to their cabins to change and get ready for bed, although they were then told to return to the basketball court. After getting some glow sticks and having a seat at our fire circle, campers saw some store-bought fireworks go off from our swimming docks. This was just the warm up though, as campers soon saw the real show. Our professionally assembled fireworks were once again a hit with campers, and there were many oohs and ahhs. Since it was a late night, campers got to sleep in this morning. But that doesn’t change the activity at Camp, as many areas are currently having dance parties, beach parties, and dock parties. Campers are certainly having a blast on their last day here at Camp Daggett.

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What a great week!

Week 3 has ended, and all of the campers have left. Spirits were high during checkout, and it seemed that campers had a blast this week. Campers got a special treat when they got to sleep in on Thursday morning after staying up late for out Fourth of July night. On Independence Day, campers were treated to a picnic, eating hotdogs and hamburgers grilled by our summer director, John Guirey. Then, there was a small parade which campers made banners representing their cabins. Following the parade, we had a big “fair” up on our rec field, complete with a dunk tank, popcorn, a fortune teller, tug-of-war, and much, much more. Later, we played a little trick on our campers, enjoying some sparklers and small fountain fireworks. Then, much to their surprise, fireworks started shooting from a raft we put out at the end of our swimming area! Everyone “oohed and ahhed” as our display continued for about 20 minutes.

Thursday saw campers again learning many new things. In canoeing, campers got to take out the yak boards! Swimmers were also happy to see some of their favorite land games played in the water, like “Where’s my Tugboat” and Nuke ‘Em. Due to extreme heat, younger cabins had a blast playing with the slip n’ slide, squirt guns, and other water games up on the rec field. The day conclucded with our version of Woodstock- Daggettstock! Cabins practiced all week to put together a little dance to some popular music. Some of our staff even performed!

Friday is always a great dat at camp. Music was playing in lots of areas, and campers got a chance to relax and enjoy some beautiful weather. Whether on water or land, campers were full of laughs and smiles. With dock parties, beach parties, finishing up arts and crafts, a snake feeding, and much more, Friday’s are always busy here. They are also full of new memories, as new campers were initiated into the spirit of Daggett in our special ceremony. Campers left this morning having gained new friends, new memories, new experiances, and hopefully many new life skills that they can take back and use all year round.