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Where’s Sarah?!

No, we didn’t loose one of our staff members, but our campers did have to work together tonight to find her. After performing an investigation as to the whereabouts if Sarah Van (our sailing director), campers then had to compete to get her back in a giant game of capture the flag. In the end, it turned out that Sarah was in the basketball kiosk the whole time!

Of course, there is much more happening at camp than just night activities. It seems that even in the short amount of time in between activities and meals campers find a new adventure to be had. Some of the most popular activities include playing “Lightning” and “Nuke ‘Em.” Both of these are twists on older games (Basketball and Volleyball, respectively) but can get many more people involved. Nuke’ Em is especially popular this year, as is its neighbor pickleball. In fact, pickleball has been growing so popular that a new court was laid this summer! While we still have to paint some lines on it, campers still have a lot of fun out there.

Yesterday was also our traditional “Tie-Dye Tuesday.” This free-land activity allows campers to tie-dye white clothing in Arts-and-Crafts. It is always amazing to see how many campers tie-dye, and how creative and imaginative they can be. Yesterday also ended with a gigantic luau! Campers had tons of activities to go to, such as pontoon rides, hula contests, and lei-making. There was even a spot to grab some freshly grilled pineapple!


The First Day

What a great first day and a half it has been! Campers arrived yesterday and it seems we have been busy non-stop! After some introductions and an amazing first meal, campers got to take a short tour of camp and learn all about the many different activities they will be doing this week. But the best part of the evening had to have been our Mr. and Mrs. Daggett competition. Campers got to dress up their counselors and help them have a talent. We saw everything from a dinosaur to juggling and everything in between! In the end Paul (Huron) and Lisa (Potatawomi) won our contest by guessing which animals their campers were, and what they had for dinner the night before, respectively.

Monday saw campers get their first taste of a full day of Camp Daggett activities. The morning saw younger campers on the waterfront, while older campers were on the land. Traveling with their brother or sister cabins campers got to experience many new things, as well as make lots of new friends. Campers also really enjoyed free land and free water, where they can choose any land and water area that they want to go to. But of course the highlight of the day was our all camp game of Capture the Flag. Much of the area around camp was used for a massive game, with the odds battling the evens. Even though the red team (evens) captured the first flag, the odd team came back to end the game on a tie. Campers were certainly tired and ready for bed, which was all the better since Tuesday is another exciting day at Camp Daggett.