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Happy Counselor Appreciation Day!

Did you know today is counselor appreciation day?! At Camp, we like to choose a day to celebrate and say thanks to our twelve amazing counselors. With signs, cards, and pizza (and candy) at lunch, we hope our counselors can relax a little today and enjoy the many hugs and warm thoughts that they deserve.

Counselors are a very big part of our night activities. While area directors plan and organize our nights, they would not be such big hits if it were not for all of our staff members. This week has certainly seen some wonderful ones. After Pokemon night on Monday, cabins spent all of Tuesday competing in “Survivor Day.” Cabins earned points by singing the loudest, having the cleanest cabins, and of course by following our motto: “The Other Fellow First.” In the night, cabins competed in some games and activities to see who was the ultimate survivor. In the end, the Huron cabin narrowly defeated the Crow cabin to claim the title. Yesterday we had an all time favorite, Mario Party!  During the night, campers were free to go to all of the stations that we had set up. Campers earned gold coins for doing the stations, and the cabin with the most gold coins got first pick in our “snack auction.”  This evening, the rec field was transformed into a battlefield as campers took part in our “Battle of Gettysburg.” After being split into two teams, campers first started by having a little water fight. When that was over, each participant got a bag of flower and got to try to cover as many other campers as possible. In the end, everyone took a dip in the lake with some shampoo to wash off. Night activities, while only one small part of Camp Daggett, are certainly one of the most memorable. It is always awe inspiring to see campers working with their cabins, their brother or sister cabins, and especially campers of different ages to come together and have some great fun! After all, that’s what Camp’s all about.


Week One is all Done

What a week this was! All of the staff couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the summer! Whether it was team-building on the adventure course or learning about all of the animals in our nature center, our campers certainly had a great time this week. Last night we finished of the week with some great Friday activities. In canoeing, “Tennis Ball Frenzy” is always a hit. Every Friday, Brandon and the rest of the canoeing staff hit some tennis balls into Walloon and have a little friendly competition to see who can collect the most tennis balls in yaks and canoes. Many campers got over 50 tennis balls! Of course, you can’t end the week in the swimming area without a beach party, complete with music, dancing, beach toys, and of course some swimming. While the water has certainly been a bit chilly, it is great to see many campers brave the cold and have a blast in swimming.

Always a big hit is our weekly initiation at the end of the day on Friday. This special time sees some awards given out, some silly things done, and lots of memories made. Counselors and campers reflect on many of the events of the week, and it is always a treat to hear stories of how cabins have come together and bonded through the many activities that we have. This carries over to Saturday mornings, which are filled with hugs, address exchanges, and good-byes (although “See you next summer” is heard even more).

While for some a week at Camp Daggett has just finished, we hope you hold with you the Spirit of Daggett with you as you finish the summer and begin a new year of school. Most importantly, we hope you spread our motto of  “The Other Fellow First,”  and diaplay it everyday.