Up and Running!

The summer of 2016 is finally upon us! All of our staff has been super excited to welcome our first group of campers for the summer. What a week we have been having! Although we started with some storms, we have been fortunate enough to enjoy some great weather for all of the activities that we have had going on. From all of our activity areas and free time, to night activities and cabin time, our campers sure do seem to be having a great time.

This year, returning campers will as always see a few new faces around. Caoimhe, our Gogebic counselor, is joining us for the summer from Ireland. More so, she is not the only international member of our staff; Jodie (in Crow) comes all the way from New Zealand, and Albert is back for his second year from Holland. They, and all of our new and returning staff, are all brining some great experiences to our campers.

As always we have some fantastic night activities. From Capture the Flag, Up, and Oregon trail night, to Holiday Night and our Initiation ceremony, campers are always amazed by the uniqueness of each night; they are sure to tell you some amazing stories on Saturday!


Our first meeting of the year

Our first meeting of the year

Albert takes campers on a Sunfish

Albert takes campers on a Sunfish

Campers play Spike Ball

Campers play Spike Ball



One thought on “Up and Running!

  1. Hi to all at Camp Daggett (especially my friend, Karen Marietti from our Women’s Retreat days),

    Wishing you all a wonderful summer with exciting new adventures. My granddaughter, Kathryn Zucker, and her friend, Emily Mansfield, are both greatly anticipating being Probies for two weeks. ( I hope that is spelled correctly.) They loved their camping experience for four years and are now excited to be part of the Camp Daggett staff.

    Have a super summer!

    With blessings of friendship and wonderful memories of Camp Daggett,


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