Something old…something new

Many campers return year after year to Camp Daggett. The title of this post probably sums up why many of these campers come back for many years. Each week, campers will see some of their favorite activities, while also experiencing many new things. In fact, even if all the activities were the same, a new group of cabin mates, staff, and even new foods help to make each year a new adventure. This week, we of course had our Fourth of July extravaganza, but we also have some newer nights – like App Night and Napoleon Dynamite night.

Whether this is a campers’ first year – or their eighth year, we strive to ensure that every camper has a unique and valuable experience. Camp is about a lot more than just having a good time; it is about building a camper’s character. It is great to see our staff helping to buildĀ those skills in younger campers, and more importantly, challenging older, more experienced campers to use their skills and model some positive traits for younger campers.