About Camp

The Fire Circle, as drawn by former camper and staff member Courtney Courier

Thanks for visiting our Camp Daggett Blog!  Camp Daggett is a summer camp that offers a week of exciting new opportunities for children ages 7 to 14.  Nestled on the shore of Walloon Lake, Camp Daggett offers 8 one-week sessions, where campers arrive on Sunday and stay in rustic cabins designed for ten campers and two staff members.  They will leave on Saturday with more self-esteem, confidence, and wealth of memories they will cherish for years to come.

While at Daggett, campers will take part in six different daily activities each lead by an area director and a staff of counselors.  Campers will rotate from swimming, canoeing, sailing, arts and crafts, nature, and recreation.  Within each of these activities, area directors will plan educational, meaningful activities that will allow campers to experience new things and become more confident in themselves.  Campers will also be able to choose an activity to participate in during free water and free land, where area directors will offer new and exciting events for all campers.  In the evenings, a unique night activity will take place where all campers will participate in a giant camp game.  Some of the most popular night activities include Capture the Flag, Fairy Hunt, Luau Night, Yopper Night, Mario Party, and others. Older campers will also experience our adventure program, which will teach them teambuilding, trust, and communication skills.

Another exciting event campers will get to participate in is a camp out one night during their week at Camp Daggett.  Armed with a tent, food, and their sleeping bag, campers will join their brother or sister cabin and head out to one of Camp Daggett’s six different camp sites where they will play games, cook their dinner over a camp fire, and sleep in a tent.  The youngest four cabins will hike to their camp site and the oldest two cabins will canoe across Walloon to arrive at their camp site.  This gives campers a new experience and they learn valuable lessons about living off the land

Throughout the week, campers will be provided with three wonderful meals cooked and served family style in the great Mac Hall over looking the lake.  Our two cooks make wonderful, delicious food, always providing fruits and vegetables to accompany the main dish.  Campers can also visit the salad bar during lunch and dinner for even more nutrition.  Snacks are also provided during the night activity.  Camp Daggett also has 24-hour health care for all campers’ medical needs.

The week will end with a special initiation ceremony where campers will join the Camp Daggett family, leaving them with an important sense of belonging and lasting memories of their incredible week at Daggett.

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