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Week 2 Newsletter

Daggett Days

Brought to you by our Program Aides: Mary, Katie, Emma, and Grace

In this issue: Campouts, Birthdays, Weekly Menu, Night Activities, Wacky Wednesday, Kiss-Ups, Harold


Campouts, Campouts, Campouts!

Each week, every camper gets the chance to go on a campout with their cabin and their brother or sister cabin. Depending on their age, they could go to the yurt,  Sunset Ridge, the Gorge, the Beaver Hole, the Mausses, or the Pines.

These campouts are filled with laughs, stories, songs, yummy food, and games, as well as great friends! The second oldest and oldest cabins’ campout is particularly special; for one, they get to canoe to their destination (the Mausses or the Pines), and second, they get hobos! Hobos, a favorite among campers and staff, are a conglomeration of meat, potatoes, corn, celery, onions, carrots, cheese, and seasoning salt. The campers get to customize their hobo, and later they are cooked to ooie gooie perfection around the campfire.

But whether the food is hobos or hot-dogs, the campout is always a blast!


Birthdays Galore!

This week we had many birthdays! To start off a great week it was Charity Patten’s birthday on Sunday, Camp Daggett’s Assistant Director. Then on Monday it was Lily Claire’s (Sioux) birthday. The following day it was Katie Stotts’ birthday (Daggett Staff, CIT). On Wednesday we had two birthdays. Daggett’s Program Assistant, Courtney Currier, celebrated her 22nd birthday and Spencer  (Ojibwe) celebrated his on  Wednesday as well. To end the eventful week of birthdays we celebrated Trevor’s (Chippewa) birthday on Friday and Casey’s (Sioux) on Saturday.

When there is a birthday at Camp  Daggett we love to celebrate. In the morning at breakfast we greet the special birthday boy/girl with a warm happy birthday wish. During lunch time the whole camp sings happy birthday to them. After the song is sung the birthday boy/girl gets to blow out the candles on their cake. We then sing our famous “Round the tables you must go …” song. Having a birthday while at Camp Daggett is nothing but fun and smiles.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
B-fast Cereal, Cinnamon rolls, yogurt Oatmeal & mini-bagels Breakfast sandwich Cinnamon swirl French toast Pancakes Cereal and doughnuts
Lunch Chicken Tenders & Pasta Turkey wraps Pizza pockets Corn dogs & fries Rueben sandwiches
Dinner Super chicken, mashed potatoes Spaghetti, corn, bosco sticks Chicken turnover, mashed potatoes Fajita bar Egg roll, fried rice Cook out

Night Activities for Week #2!

Sunday: Counselor Hunt

Each cabin gets a sheet of paper with questions to work together to figure out what facts belong to what counselor! At the end of the night, each cabin won ice cream!

Monday: Star Trek

Space related activities such as making aliens out of cloth, a game of “Where’s my Spaceship?” training as the Star Fleet to defeat the evil Khan, and more took place on the Rec Field!

Tuesday: Holiday Night

Brother and sister cabins went to different holiday stations around camp with different holiday activities! To end the night there was a New Years Eve dance party!

Wednesday: UP Night

The activities on camp were based on the movie UP, with different games and stations! Campers competed for beans and whoever had the most beans got to choose what snack they wanted first for the night!

Thursday: Gettysburg

Daggett was divided into the North and South, and the night started with throwing cups of water at opposite sides! After everyone was nice and drenched with water, flour was brought out and camp began to throw flour at enemy sides! To end the night, all of camp washed off in the lake!

Friday: Skits & Initiation

Each cabin had to work as a team to perform a skit in front of the whole camp! Later on, a special initiation takes place where campers get initiated into the Daggett family!

Wacky Wednesday

Before breakfast on Wednesday, campers dressed up as wacky as they could to compete to look as wacky as they could! Campers that dress the wackiest or do their hair wacky win a prize from the proggies at the end of the week!

Kiss Ups

After breakfast each day, campers return to their cabins to clean them. If time is left before the program aides inspect their work, the campers may choose a silly/sweet action to perform for the program aide in order to kiss up. Highlights of this past week include…an old spice commercial, sweeping the program aid off her feet, literally, and a birthday party.

The winner of Wednesday’s kiss up was truly a thriller. All the boys’ cabins teamed up to act out a zombie apocalypse. The campers were zombies trying to attack the humans and the counselors were the last survivors. Their mission was to save the proggie! With bravery and water guns, the counselors were able to complete their mission and defeat the zombies! They were even able to distribute a cure to the zombies and turn them back to campers-just in time to win kiss up.


When proggies are on break, they save lives! A small bird lying on the steps outside Mac Hall unable to fly was rescued by a brave program aide. He was named Harold, and finding worms to feed him became the activity for the nature students! He is currently being nursed back to health and will soon be released back into the wild.

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