There are many valuable skills that children learn at camp. Obviously, they learn to sailing, new games on the rec field and even some new crafts in arts and crafts. but most importantly campers learn some very strong character traits. One of these traits is perseverance. Perseverance, or doing things despite difficulty, is such an importnat trait that all of our campers can beneift from. Whethere it is learning to persevere during their first week away from their parents, or meeting new friends despite maybe being a little shy. Camp is able to afford campers this opportunity, an opportunity to persevere. There are no easy outs at camp. A great example of this is our lake swim. This week, 20 camper swam across the lake escorted by boats, yakboard, and life guards. This 3/4 of a mile swim can be tiresome, even for the most advanced swimmer, but it nevers stops amazing our staff that campers will push through and complete this event. More imporanantly, if one talks to a swimmer afterwards, the sense of pride and victory in their voice is amazing.

Homesickness is another common fact of life one most often persevere through. While many children get homesick when attending camp, our staff is superbly trained and qualified to help campers work through it, and develop coping straegies. There is nothing more rewarding than campers who are homesick the first couple days of camp, only to then proclaim that they don’t ever want to leave when Friday and Saturday mornings come around.

Of course, it’s a lot easier to persevere if there are some fun things going on, and as always this is another jam packed week of excitement. From the above-mentioned lake swim, to our brand new campout site (“The Mesa”) there are always new, fun, and exciting things going on here. We’ve got some great night activities going on to: from a water-flour batllte (Gettysburg) to our own rendition of Mario Party, our staff and campers sure are a creative bunch.




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