Commenting Guidelines

We are very excited that campers, staff and families will be able to use this medium as a way to continue the camping experience throughout the year. We encourage you to read and comment on our many blog posts, although we do ask that you consider some of the following point before commenting.


  • Contribute to sharing some of the experiences and memories you have had at camp. If you are a camper, be sure you have an adult’s permission before commenting.
  • Ask questions about camp
  • Send support and constructive feedback


  • Use this forum to disparage others
  • Use this forum as a means of personal communication (feel free to email or call camp if you have any issues)
  • Use this forum as an attempt to directly communicate with your camper(s). Questions regarding this policy should be addressed directly to camp staff.
At Camp Daggett, we value our campers safety above all else. To help us in this goal, all blog comments will first need to be approved by a member of Camp Daggett staff. Since we always have quite a bit going on at Camp Daggett, do not worry if your comment has not been approved right away.To protect our campers, no personal information, photographs, videos, or other identifiable information about campers, staff, or their families will be shared or made publicly available without their expressed consent.

Disclaimer: This blog is ran and administered by Camp Daggett employees. Camp Daggett, its staff, and Board of Trustees do not necessarily support or share the views and opinions expressed in comments to this blog.