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Sunny days and exciting nights

Well another week is off to a great start here at Camp Daggett. Although it is a bit rainy now, we have certainly had our fair share of great weather. Even just about two days in to camp, our campers are already having a blast and have all made lots of new friends. In addition to swimming, arts and crafts, sailing and all the other activities we offer here at camp, our campers are all learning valuable life skills. Many of these skills revolve around our mission of character building. From making new friends, building those teamwork skills, and even taking responsibility for cleaning their cabins, everything we do here has a purpose. This morning, the Crow cabin put on a little show to teach the camp how they can show responsibility throughout the week.

Of course, our day here is built around our activity periods, and it is always great to see campers learning some new skills in those areas. We have a saying here: “Challenge by Choice.” This phrase means that we won’t force anyone to do things they are not comfortable with, but we will help them be comfortable so that they can take risks and try new things.  This can be found everywhere from sailing, to the dining hall, and especially at our adventure course. There is possibly nothing more rewarding than seeing a camper scale the rock tower or zoom down the zip-line while they are encouraged by their cabin mates. Above all else, we like to make sure that campers are safe here at Daggett, not just physically, but emotionally as well.

This week we certainly have a great line-up of night activities as well. From our scavenger hunt on Sunday, Capture the Flag on Monday, to our rendition of the Amazing Race tonight, there is never a dull moment in the evenings. Tomorrow will see Star Wars night, and Thursday will be extra special. Since the 4th of July falls on a Saturday, we will hold a little Fourth of July extravaganza on Thursday. With pie-eating, face painting and even a dunk tank, we hope our campers enjoy the evening; there will also be a very special surprise once the sun goes down ;).