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Time for a Terrific Tuesday!

Week four is already well underway! Ever since Sunday campers have done so many things it is hard to keep up with them! On Sunday night, we did “Sundae Night.” During this activity, campers took rotated through some short initiatives in order to earn a topping for their ice cream. Cabins demonstrated some great teamwork and communication skills. In the end, everyone did well enough to earn them some toppings.

Monday saw some amazing activities, with equally as awesome weather. Campers got to try a lot of new things. In arts and crafts, some campers made cup phones, while others made pine cone bird feeders in nature. The end of the day was caped off with adventure activities for the oldest cabins, while the rest of camp participated in that night’s adventure, “Wild Wizard of Oz.” During this, kids had to walk around camp and work together to find munchkins, witches, and even some beloved characters like ToTo, Dorothy, and the Tin-Man.

This morning saw the first Camp Daggett Triathlon of the summer. In this event, campers had to first run a loop around camp, then yak to a buoy and back, and finish it off with a swim in our swimming area. Everyone had a blast running in the triathlon, no matter what speed they went. That isn’t the only exciting thing planned for today, with fun adventures planned in all the areas! And who can forget that today is “Tie Dye Tuesday,” always a popular destination.  Tonight will be our Neanderthal night, where campers will travel back in time and try to live like we did thousands of years ago. Campers will practice spear throwing, fire making, and cave art, just to name a few of the stations we will have!