A great week Eight!

Wow, it is hard to believe that it is already halfway through week 8! Even thought this is our staffs’ eight week with campers, you probably wouldn’t notice it based on all the enthusiasm and creativity all around. It is amazing how we still find new things to do, even after eight weeks (and 90 years!). Sunday night was a new night activity(reverse scavenger hunt), and tonight will see a new Lord of the Rings night. Of course, for many of our campers everything they do is new! That is really what camp is all about: trying new things and making new friends. It’s always great to see that although many campers come with a buddy, most are more than happy to quickly make new friends.

There are still many old traditions here thought. This morning was our weekly lake swim, and yesterday was of course tie-dye Tuesday! Perhaps one of the most traditional things we do here is our friendship circle. Each night we take a few moments to reflect on the day and listen to important announcements about the next day as a group. It’s hard to determine how long we have been doing these friendship circles, but it seems like camp isn’t the same without it. This sentiment also rings true with our motto: The Other Fellow First. This motto, passed along since the time of our first Director (Walter J. MacMillan)really embodies  what camp is all about: making sure the needs of others are met and just being a great person with outstanding character.




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