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Happy 2nd? of July

Well, last night was an amazing night! Even though campers will get to be a home with their families for the Fourth of July, we figured we’d still have a bit of a festival. Complete with a dunk tank, campers spent the evening laughing and playing on our rec field with some classic American activities. Ring toss, popcorn, a duck pond, and of course face painting were just some of the many events that took place. After all was said and done, we lowered the flag and got changed into pajamas. It was not time for bed though, as campers returned to the fire circle they were first given glow sticks and sparklers. Even though we were a few days early, campers then got to see a spectacular fireworks display. A late evening for all, but one of the best of the week.

Camp Daggett is celebrating it’s 90th summer with campers this year. While there are many new buildings and pieces of equipment, the heart of our experience here never changes. The comes from the people who are here; from the staff to the campers everyone here has one goal: to have the best week ever.   A group who has certainly had a great two weeks are our program and service aides. These 15 year old volunteers are too old to attend camp as campers, but volunteer their time to help with camp by doing many tasks. They certainly help camp out tremendously. Thank you Proggies and Servies!