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Week Three is Underway!

Week three is certainly off to a great start! While this is the week of the Fourth, we are not saving all of the excitement for Friday. Starting off on Sunday, campers got to get to know their cabins right away. Sunday night had them putting together a story using items from each of our six areas at Camp Daggett. Working as brother/sister cabin combinations, cabins treated camp to some truly amazing, funny and creative skits.

Monday is always an exciting day at here at Daggett. Many campers try new things, or practice some old skills. Whether on water or on land, there is never a dull moment here. With such a warm summer’s day, campers were eager to get a chance to jump in the lake during swimming, sailing and canoeing. In fact, campers even get a chance to return to these areas later in the afternoon during a time we like to call free water. Many campers chose to go swimming yesterday, but there was still quite a crowd at sailing and canoeing. After free water there is of course free land, with campers choosing between arts and crafts, recreation, and nature.

The “free” concept is extended after dinner during “Free Time.” During this time, right after dinner, campers can go around and play basketball, Nuke ‘Em, tether ball, and much more;  or they  just hang out and form some lasting friendships. Something new this year is our “Daggett Delights,” a time when a staff member organizes an activity which campers can try out. Yesterday, our Assistant Director Charity made some really neat buttons with participants.

And if there wasn’t enough going on already in camp, we also have some adventures happening away from camp. This week is our first Wilderness Adventure Trip, who are currently in the Porcupine Mountains. This group of 7 brave individuals left Monday morning for the western part of the Upper Peninsula to spend the week hiking, camping, and exploring a beautiful wilderness. Our adventure trips are available for 13-15 year olds three times a summer. Each trip varies in it intensity and activities. Later in the summer, a trip will be be kayaking around South Manitou Island, while our last trip will be exploring the Pictured Rocks National Lake shore. For more information on these trips, visit our website here.



Live Long and Prosper, and always put “The Other Fellow First”

Well another great week has started here at Camp Daggett. We have a ton of great activities lined up for this week, including tonight’s “Star Trek” night, a battle of Gettysburg, Holiday Night, and “Up” night. Campers have also been having a great time in all of our areas, both on land and on water. Even though it only really got started at 5:00 pm, Sunday night was full of activities. After check in a some quick meetings, campers got their first introduction to camp’s great food. This was followed by some quick tours of the different areas and then our “Counselor Hunt,” where campers tried to figure out some interesting facts about all our staff.

Monday had campers first going to all of the areas. It was certainly a welcome relief for some to get in Walloon Lake and cool of for a bit in swimming, sailing, and canoeing. On land, campers had a blast painting some birdhouses in arts and crafts, playing nature games with Stacy, and playing soccer in rec. Almost every camper participated in Free Water and Free Land, choosing whichever areas they wanted to go to. Of course, the night ended with our “Star Trek” night activity, put on by Sara our swimming director. For this night, campers rotated around different stations to help “Kirk” rescue Starfleet from “Kahn.” They did this by playing dodge ball (to test agility) and “Where’s my Spaceship,” and by doing a few strategy and problem solving games. At the end of the night, the new recruits won by figuring out the secret phrase (the title of this post) and  forced Kirk and his minions into Walloon Lake.

Some cabins did not get to participate in our night. The oldest cabins participated in our Adventure program. This programs allows older campers a chance to further develop their leadership and teamwork goals. Starting off with some ice breakers and name games, campers transition into our low ropes course where team building is highly emphasized. After low ropes campers do high ropes, where participants learn “Challenge by Choice,” and help support each other and form new bonds.

Nature takes a break while playing games on the Rec Field

Nature takes a break while playing games on the Rec Field

Campers play a game of "Where's my Starship?"

Campers play a game of “Where’s my Starship?”

Campers support one another during High Ropes

Campers support one another during High Ropes