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Week Five is in the Books

Fridays at camp are always bittersweet. While the days are full of smiles, parties, and laughing, there is also the lingering fact that Saturday all must go home. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun on Friday! Whether it was making sand castles and swimming during a beach party, catching tennis balls in yak boards, or going out to the frog pond, almost everyone had a smile on their face as they celebrated their last day at camp. Our area directors played lots of music so campers could sing and dance while participating in our many activities. Campers from the oldest cabins, Chippewa and Blackfeet, were even singing on their canoe trip back from the pines.

Campers also got a treat Friday night when dinner was a cookout. Our maintenance director Leroy, along with the kitchen staff, helped to grill up some hot dogs and hamburgers for the meal. Once they got their food, everyone ate outside and had a big picnic! Of course, Friday night saw our initiation ceremony. While not much can be divulged (your campers will surely fill you in), everyone had a blast as we welcomed our new campers into the spirit of Daggett. After a meaningful and fun ceremony, their were lots of hugs and goodbyes before bed. In the morning, we had breakfast and sang our “Top Three” songs of the week, as well as recognized our campers who have been here for 5, 6, 7, or 8 years. We also had a special treat, as campers took a photo sending off our adventure director on the “Kayak for a Cause” tour of Walloon Lake. Click here to learn more about it!

We hope you have enjoyed some of the updates we have made with this blog. Again, it is new to us so we appreciate feedback, as well as the sharing of your and your camper’s memories and experiences at camp.  Even though your camper may have left us, feel free to continue to follow along to see some of the many things that are going on this summer at camp. Thank You!