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What a Great Summer

With the summer camp session behind us, it is now time to look back upon the summer and reflect on many of the things that have been done. While the staff has packed up and returned to their families, friends and jobs, Camp Daggett continues on, as our year round program keeps a busy calendar of events. Be sure to check the Camp Daggett website for more info on these programs. Of important note is that currently, the Michigan Commission for the Blind is holding their second “Transition Zone” at Camp Daggett. Through this camp, visually impaired youth learn many valuable skills to aid them in their transition to adulthood.

While summer camp and its activities are gone, we hope that the memories and lessons learned at camp will continue on with our camper. We are certain that all of our campers this summer will bring home with them a new found respect for themselves and people around them, bringing our motto of “The Other Fellow First” to wherever they go.

Since summer camp is now over, this blog will not be updated as it was during the last few weeks. This is due to the fact that this blog has been run by the hard work of summer staff members, and was meant to just keep families and friends up to date on what’s been going on at camp. Please feel free to continue to explore this website though, and comment on articles with your campers if you wish! Also important is our “Feedback” form, which you may use to provide feedback on this blog. While there has been an overwhelmingly positive response, we are always looking for ways to improve your experience. Again, please save feedback on summer camp programming for the form that you received at check out though.

It was a great summer, as every summer has been at camp. It would be impossible for camp to be around for more than 87 years without the love and care that many give to camp. From our year round staff and our board of directors, to every summer employee and volunteers, it is amazing to see so many people coming together to provide quality experiences to so many youths. With so many dedicated and passionate individuals and community organizations proudly supporting Camp Daggett, it is easy to see how camp will most likely be around for at least 87 more years!



Final Friday

Wow, it is hard to believe that the energy and excitement that our campers this week showed on Sunday is still just as strong today! Last night was a blast, as campers performed their  “Mock Rocks.” Our oldest boys cabin, Ottawa, helped move our stage onto the rec field to help get the night going. Then, one by one, cabins performed a little dance number set to music of their choice. It was clear how much time and practice campers put into creating their mock rocks. It was also nice to hear counselors rave about how their campers came up with most of the moves on their own, with very little help from their cabin leaders. Campers were also treated to some cookies an skits by some staff members! Of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without a giant dance party with campers learning lots of new, awesome dance moves.

Today, like every Friday, will be a blast. Even though it’s a little on the cooler side, campers will still be treated to lots of great activities in our areas. With music playing, campers will have dock parties, beach parties, and lots of other fun things to do. Today will end with our cookout, as our Director John will grill up some hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone. Everyone will love eating outside with their cabins as we celebrate everyone’s last Friday here. Tonight will end with our initiation ceremony, where first some awards will be given out. Following this, campers will watch a slideshow with many pictures of everything that went on this week. Our ceremony will end the evening, with campers taking home many new memories and friendships.

It is also important to note the significance of this Friday. Since it is the last of the summer, campers will be helping to take part in getting camp ready for the long offseason. Instead of free land and free water, campers will help the area directors do some cleaning and packing up. Most campers really like doing this, as it makes them feel apart of camp. Again, while it is certainly a bittersweet day, it is amazing to see the smiles on campers’ faces, and hear the laughs as we begin to end the summer.