An Auction and a Carnival!

Well we are official started with our second full day of camp for this week! While it has been only one and a half days with campers, they have certainly been doing a ton of stuff! Right from the start, campers were shown what makes Daggett special- all of the people here. This was especially true Sunday night as campers and staff alike got a bit goofy and dressed up for our “Daggett Auction.” This activity saw cabins assembling as many random pieces of clothing, decorations, and other knick-knacks that they could find. Sara (our swimming director) would call an item, and anyone who had it could bring it up to score points for their team. It was so wonderful to see so many campers jump right into the silliness of camp.

Monday was a little bit rainy, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of our campers. While thunderstorms prevented many of the water activities from taking place, those in swimming, sailing and canoeing were still treated to games and laughs from our staff. Thanks to Brandon (our canoeing director), and his use of the “Great Pink Paddle,” it did clear up in the afternoon. It kept getting nicer throughout the day, which was especially nice for our night activity. Last night, we held a “Water Carnival,” making use of all of the beautiful Walloon lake shoreline that we have. This activity saw campers trying to sink a canoe, surf, pass a greased watermelon, and even go human bowling!

Later this week, there will be many more chances for adventure and excitement. You can see an overview for some of the  week below…

Tuesday- our famous “Tie-Dye” Tuesday, and the night activity is “Wild Men and Wild Women.” Campers will travel all around camp trying to find staff members dressed as animals- but need to beware of our “Wild People.”

Wednesday- The “Mud Walk” in nature, a lake swim, and a brand new night activity- Daggett Cove. where campers will design and play in their very own putt-putt course.

Thursday–  Campers get a chance to yak board in canoeing, and “Daggettstock.” This show will see campers performing a little dance or show to a song from the 60s or 70s. Already campers have been hard at work.

Friday-  A final chance to wrap up arts and craft projects and our traditional initiation ceremony.



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