Week 5 has begun!

Our fifth session of campers have arrived! The week got started right away as campers had a few meetings and then dinner! As campers and staff can attest to, meal times at camp are amazing! Not only are they great times to bond with cabin mates, but the singing and dancing is something that will never be forgotten. Additionally, the food prepared by our hard-working kitchen staff is second-to-none! After our dinner this evening, campers went on a tour of all the different areas around camp before we began our “Word Search” night activity. To complete their search, campers had to work together as a cabin to find as many of the listed words as they could around camp. If cabins found our area directors hiding, they were rewarded with some ice cream!

Campers will be participating in many more unique and exciting activities while at camp this week. Tomorrow will see our oldest cabins go to adventure, where they will learn and develop many skills including team work, self confidence, and communication. We also have a great week of night activities planned, including a Night at the Ballpark and Kung-Fu Panda night! These are in addition to our already stacked days of canoeing, swimming, sports, arts and crafts, sailing, nature, and much much more. Be sure to check back often to read about just some of the things that are going to be going on!


One thought on “Week 5 has begun!

  1. Camp Daggett is awesome, love what you do for the kids! My daughter went last year for the first time and she could not wait for this year!! Thank you!

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