Gettysburg, Harry Potter, and a Frog Pond?….it must be Camp Daggett!

Here at camp there never seems to be an end to the excitement, and that is certainly true as we approach the end of week 4. Campers seem to always be trying something new, and certainly having fun doing it! Wednesday saw campers learn how to flip their canoes during “wobbly Wednesday” in the canoeing area, while some new games were tried out in the swimming area. Wednesday was also our famous “Mud Walk” in nature for free land. This highly anticipated event sees campers getting down and dirty in our mud pit before rinsing off in the lake. Additionally, this pattern was continued during our epic recreation of the Battle of Gettysburg. Camp was split into two teams (North and South), who began the night by splashing water all over each other. This was followed by a round of flour! After everyone was messy, everyone enjoyed a dip in the lake to clean off.

Thursday also saw many new things. The yak boards were taken out in canoeing, and campers also had a blast playing some water nuke ’em in swimming. In nature, campers got a chance to go to our frog pond and catch some awesome frogs (don’t worry, we released them). Recreation has seen campers playing many games that they are familiar with, although many usually get a small twist added. This week, the three oldest cabins have also gotten to do adventure! While doing high and low ropes activities, campers have developed skills they will be able to use throughout their lives.

Thursday night also saw “Harry Potter” night. After being sorted into different houses, our students ate with their houses in our “great” hall. After dinner, houses had to work together to defeat Voldemort by destroying all of his horcruxes…just like in the books and films! In the end, campers were treated to a battle between Harry and the dark lord- but it is assured your campers will fill you in on how that went. Tomorrow is an early morning for all. In the morning, we will be doing out weekly lake swim for those who are the strongest swimmers. It will also be a great day, as all of the areas have one last blast with music, games, and much more to have a fantastic Friday.


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