It’s Summertime!

Summer is definitely here at Camp Daggett! Campers have certainly enjoyed all of our areas, but the waterfront has been especially popular. Campers certainly appreciate free water and free land. These times allow campers to choose any water and any land area that they want to go to. Some of the land areas have even gotten campers wet!  Today in recreation, Mike is going to bring out our giant slip n’ slide!

Last night we had a brand new night activity, Bucket Wars. This activity was Brandon’s twist on Capture the Flag. For the game, campers each got a cup of sand and had to try to fill up a large bucket. This awesome game got everyone involved and kept all of our campers active. It was a pretty warm night though, and we ended the night with an All-Camp Swim! Everyone that was in got a chance to cool of in the lake. There may even be some “cooling-off” stations tonight during “Harry Potter Night.”

This morning we held a triathlon! Campers ran a short loop, yak boarded, and then swam. Many campers participated, and everyone had a blast. Tomorrow we continue early activities with our Lake Swim, where campers will go across the lake in our boats and then swim back. Of course, campers will be accompanied by boats, kayaks, and lifeguards. Tomorrow night will also see a crowd favorite- “Superhero Night,” followed by “Survivor Day” on Thursday. This day-long event will see campers earn points throughout the day. This will culminate at night with some stations where campers will compete with our staff, and end with a tribal council.


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