Come on Down!

As the first day of summer approaches, the weather is startgin to catch up. It seems that the temperatures start to rise just as camp starts to get going! This is especially good news to a brave group of campers who participate in our “Polar Bear Swim Club.” This popular activity involves campers waking up at at 7:30 and meeting Sara at the waterfront for a quick dip in the lake. If a camper is able to do this four times in a week (that’s everyday except the morning after the campout) they will receive an award on Friday. For those who prefer a drier activity, we have our “Early Morning Rec club.” Mike, or recreation director, hosts many different games and sports early in the morning. Both of these activities have been extremely popular this week and are great ways to start of a day.

At the other end of the day, we have had some great first-week night activities. Tuesday night saw a Star Wars themed “Fairy Hunt.” This is essentially a giant game of hide and seek where cabins search for our staff members who are hidden throughout camp. Wednesday was another popular activity- “Big B’s Ultimate All Sports Challenge,” which saw campers pitted against our staff members in many different sports and games. Tonight saw TV Game show night, with cabins competing in many modern and classic game shows.

Of course there is lots to do in between morning and nights, and that is what makes camp so special. Whether it is on land or on water, camp is always about trying new things and meeting new people. Some of our campers have sailed for the first time ever in their lives this week. Some are already experts, but are trying it in a new way and with new people. It is amazing to see the bonds formed within cabins, and it is hard to believe that many of the campers here did not even know each other just 4 days ago. As the week ends, there are sure to be many more memories, smiles, and good bye hugs.


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