Wacky Wednesday is Here

And what a wacky week it’s been! Almost non-stop here at Camp there is something crazy going on! Sunday night was a hoot as campers walked all around camp trying to find letters for our giant game of Bananagrams. Campers worked together to create giant crosswords of different words, with double points for anything camp related. Monday was equally as exciting, as campers got their first taste of some of the many different areas that camp has to offer. From learning nautical “Gnomenclautre” to having a sponge war in canoeing, we certainly have a unique way of doing things here at Camp Daggett. A big highlight of many campers’ day on Monday (and Tuesday as well) was getting to play some water games up on our recreation field. Given some very warm weather, our rec staff felt it was best to forgo the standard Capture the Flag an Gaga ball for a little bit, and break out the sprinklers, sponges, and hose for some refreshing fun.

Monday night was a blast, as campers got to not only walk around all of camp and it’s trails finding hidden staff members, but they also got to show us some of their creative sides. As campers went around looking for our “zoo animals,” our staff helped them to create a little story that they presented in the form of a skit at the end of the evening. Tuesday night saw a “Night at the Ballpark” with campers playing in a mini kickball tournament, as well as enjoying some ballpark inspired activities like pom-pom making, fly ball catching, and even eating some popcorn.

Word has it, campers are going to get their acceptance letters to Hogwarts soon to begin our Harry Potter night.

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