Week 5 is a go

Happy Tuesday! Week 5 here is already in full swing. Whether this is your campers’ first time at Camp Daggett, or this is their eighth and final year as a camper, they will undoubtedly find something new and exciting to do here at camp. One of the great things about camp is that we are always changing, but always remain true to our traditions and values. While your campers will always go swimming, sailing, and canoeing, they may do new activities that they didn’t do last year. This of course holds true for our night activities as well. While we have some classic night activities such as this week’s “Battle of Gettysburg,” there are many new and exciting activities as well. One of the new activities this week is  “Napoleon Dynamite” night. In this brand new night activity, campers will get to play some games and complete some tasks inspired by movie.

One group of people that can never be thanked enough here at Camp Daggett are our kitchen staff. Lori, Dennis, Emily, Cassi, and Erica work hard day in and day out to make sure that our campers are well fed. Not only does our kitchen staff ensure that all meals are prepared on time and in correct proportions, they pay extra attention to make sure that all meals meet federal and state nutritional guidelines. Of course, meal times in general are a very special time at camp. From our family style eating, to songs we sing after meals, meal times at Daggett are probably unlike mealtimes anywhere else. It is truly special to see Camp’s mission statement of providing character building experiences extend to these times, as campers are encouraged to share and get to know one another during these times.



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