A Camp Daggett Beauty Pageant

It is crazy to think we are almost halfway through our camping season here at Daggett! Even though a lot of our staff have been here for 5 weeks, it is amazing to see how enthusiastic and energetic they are. That is especially helpful this week, as it is a little more overcast so far. This doesn’t stop the fun however, as campers can always be heard laughing and playing around. This was true since the very first night, as we got a lot of our campers (and staff) to show us their crazy sides during our Ugly Counselor night. Essentially a beauty pageant where cabins get to dress up their counselor sand give them…interesting…talents, all of our campers help to make sure their counselor was as interesting as possible.

Of course lots is going on during the day here as well. Between swimming, sailing, arts and crafts, and all of the other activities that are going on at camp, it is never hard for a camper to find something new to try. Trying new things is what camp really is about. Whether it is sailing for the first time, or making their very first clay pinch-pot, the most rewarding experiences for our staff come from times when campers take risks. We hope that all of our campers learn new things at camp, and take those lessons home to spread them to other children. This is especially true of our motto: “The Other Fellow First.” We challenge all of our campers and staff to put the other fellow first here at camp, and to keep doing it after they leave.

Speaking of helping others, we had some very special guest come in this week to talk to our 3 youngest cabins about service dogs. Deb and Erin (along with Seymour and Mork) from Paws with a Cause came to give a little presentation and demonstration to our campers about what service animals can do. Our campers had some amazing questions, and they definitely learned a lot about this great organization. For more information on Paws with a Cause, click here.


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