Beach Party Friday!

Well another week is coming to a close here at Camp Daggett. We have certainly had a blast this week, full of warm weather and many smiles. As we have talked about before, camp is about so much more than the activities we do. Camp is about forming new bonds, learning new skills, and  enhancing one’s character. Camp Daggett has had a tradition since 1925 of providing quality character building experiences. There are so many opportunities for this to happen at camp it almost mind-boggling. From overcoming apprehension about sailing, to trying a new food for the first time, we all hope that our campers walk away having learned some very important things. More than anything, it is great to see campers come in and make new friends. Many of our campers come to camp with a buddy or two, but almost all leave with at least 10 new friends.

This week, we have also tried new things during our programming time. Wednesday saw our first ever “Daggett World Cup,” hosted by our Arts and Crafts Director Kelsa. A huge soccer fan and player herself, Kelsa imparted her love of the game on all our campers with a night devoted to teamwork and fun. Whether it was playing in the tournament, playing “American” football, or just maybe creating some pom-poms, all of our campers found something they enjoyed. Last night saw some new twists on an old favorite, Medieval Night. With jousting, ring toss, a jester and even a fortune teller, campers had a great time while they were whisked back  in time.

With all of our fantastic night activities, it is easy to forget to share some of the amazing programming we have going on during the day. From before wake up all the way to bed time, our campers never have a dull moment. With sailing, swimming, canoeing, arts and craft, nature, and recreation all happening throughout the day, all campers inevitability find many things that they enjoy. Even cabin clean-up time and rest hour can be a great time for new experiences as campers learn some important life skills and form great bonds.

If you have already picked up a camper this summer, or if you will be tomorrow, please take a moment to complete our parent/camper evaluation. The comments and feedback that we receive really do help to shape our programming. Complete the survey by clicking here.


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