Mini golf at camp?!

That’s right, you read that title correctly. Tonight our campers are in fact playing mini gold at camp. Of course, we can’t do anything simply, so our campers have actually designed their own holes using object found at camp. After designing their own hole, each cabin is getting a chance to play all the others around. Tonight is certainly an example of how we have some great night activities. Yesterday we had a water carnival (which felt great due to the heat) and Sunday night our cabins bounded while competing in our Daggett Auction. The day’s are also filled with lots of activities. Campers learn many different skills during the day, all while having fun and staying safe. A great example of this is Tippy Tuesday in canoeing. Campers (especially those going on water trips) need to learn what to do in the unlikely event that their canoe tips over. Our canoeing staff makes learningĀ this fun, safe, and exciting.

We also got to see some amazing teamwork from our older cabins this week as they participated in our adventure education program. Beginning before diner, our oldest cabins get to do some team building exercises, go on our low ropes course, and finally climb high into the sky on our high ropes course. While it is exhilarating seeing a camper zoom down the zip-line or “spider-man” their way down from the catwalk, there is no better feeling than when a camper who is a little nervous is helped along by cheers and words of encouragement from their peers. After all, that is what camp is really all about: trying new things and learning the value in doing something good for someone else.


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