We have begun

Well our first week with campers here is already in full swing! Even though it has been a little cloudy and even rainy at times, our campers are full of energy and ready for a great week. Starting Sunday, it was obvious that or campers have been waiting for camp time to come around. At our very first dinner, it was amazing to take a step back and just listen to how enthusiastically all of our campers were singing some of their favorite songs. We had many cabins begging for their counselors to start certain songs! Afterwards, out camper got to know our staff a little better as they played a little scavenger hunt involving fun facts about our staff.

Monday started off with a new addition to our breakfast routine. As part of Camp Daggett’s mission of providing character building experiences for young people, we are emphasizing positive character traits in all of our activities. Monday morning, our area directors put on a little skit showing off honesty. This morning, the Iroquois cabin put together a little song to teach their fellow campers about confidence. We hope that all of our campers get a chance to demonstrate these traits while at camp, and take some of those lessons home with them.

Of course, Monday also saw some interesting weather. We were fortune here to miss the full effect of storms, but we did get some rain. We are also fortunate to have a fantastic staff, and we always keep safety as our number one priority. Whenever there is ever a chance of severe weather, ranging from heavy rains, high winds, thunderstorms and even the possibility of tornadoes, we are quick to adjust our plans so that our campers are safe and sheltered. At the same time, we also are sure to continue providing meaningful and quality programming while we are sheltered. Yesterday, our campers got a chance to play some indoor games with our staff during free water instead of being out in what turned out to be heavy rain at times. We always err on the side of caution, and adjust camp outs and other outdoor activities to ensure that campers are never in danger. In the end, we recognize the awesome responsibility we have in caring for your child for a week, and do not take this responsibility lightly.


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