Bittersweet goodbyes


Today is certainly a bittersweet day. It is our last day of summer camp for 2014. While our staff will be leaving soon, we also say goodbye today to a fantastic group of campers. With some fantastic days and nights, our campers certainly had a blast this week. Everyone slept well Tuesday night after our camp wide game of capture the flag. Wednesday morning saw our weekly Lake Swim, with campers being boated across the lake and then getting a chance to swim back. Our electric blue swimmer’s were escorted by lifeguards, yak boars, and powerboats. Afterwards, they definitely appreciated the hot chocolate and donuts at breakfast. Wednesday is always an exiting day here at camp, with lots of crazy things happening. From taking a dip in the mud walk, to learning to flip over canoes, campers are always making many unforgettable memories.

Wednesday night saw campers hunting for Brandon’s belly button in an adaptation of a fair hunt. While looking around in the woods, campers found different forms of Brandon and they helped make a new song to the tune of old camp songs. This night was certainly one of our goofier nights. Thursday was also a blast, especially during our “Rock Concert.” Working with an ’80s theme, cabins and staff came up with some amazing dances to some of the most popular hits of the 80s including “Eye of the Tiger,””Danger Zone,” and “Girls just wanna have fun.”

After a good nights rest, it was time for the Final Friday. While always a little sad, the energy and enthusiasm around camp was palpable.  After enjoying morning and afternoon activity periods, our campers helped in the areas around camp to help clean and prepare them to be shut down. Many of our campers truly feel like they are apart of the Daggett family when helping to tidy up camp. We certainly appreciate all of their hard work. Friday night of course saw our initiation ceremony, where new campers were welcomed into the spirit of Daggett by returning campers and staff alike. Friday evenings are certainly something most will never forget.

If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to complete our parent/camper evaluation survey by clicking here. The comments and feedback that we receive are incredibly helpful and help to shape Camp Daggett and its programming.



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