Bittersweet Saturdays

It is hard to believe it is the second day of August already! It seems like just yesterday we were finishing school and starting to get camp ready. This week certainly turned out to be another amazing week! With plenty of sunshine and some warmer weather, our campers sure had a blast on the water and in the land (and some in the air!). Wednesday night was a bit of a surprise for campers, and certainly something that would only happen at Camp Daggett. While introducing “Slug Fest 2014” (a celebration of all things slug related), our assistant program director Nathan was kidnapped by none other than the Joker and Loki, and thus began superhero night! After some superhero training, all of our campers went around and honed their skills. Everything ended well as Nathan was rescued by some of the avengers at the conclusion of the night.
Thursday was another fantastic day with some more great weather. Campers certainly loved going out to the raft, and yak boarding is always a hit. But it was Thursday night that took the stage as Medieval Night came to town. Campers always love it when dinner is a little special, and Medieval Night is certainly one not to be missed. Our night cook Dennis prepared some amazing roast beef, and then sliced it up right in front of campers. Of course, this was all under the direction of our King and Queen (Brandon and Sara). After dinner, campers got a chance to practice their archery, get a fortune told, and even practice their jousting skills. The biggest hit may have been the stockades, where campers got a chance to soak our staff with some wet sponges.

As always, Fridays never see a dull moment. Rest hour is certainly appreciated after a long morning of parties and games in every area. Friday evening is also when we hold our weekly Initiation ceremony. This night starts with some awards, recognizing campers who have helped to make the week extra special. The night ends with our special ceremony, which is truly something unique. Almost every camper can recall their veryfirst initiation, and everyone helps to contribute to the magic that is Friday night. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to complete our Parent/Camper evaluation survey by clicking here.


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