Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Week 6 is already underway, and what a week it is shaping up to be! With some great weather today and in the future, this a perfect week to be at camp (actually, any week is a perfect week to be at Daggett!). Campers started with an amazing night activity in which they had to work together to complete many challenges. We call these short initiatives and it is really great to see all of our campers coming together and developing those team work skills. For the oldest two cabins, these team work skills are further explored on Monday and Tuesday as they complete our Adventure Programs. Cabins spend time getting to know one another, working on team work and communication skills, and finally get a chance to put their skills to the test on our high ropes course! Everyone walks away with some amazing new skills and a great appreciation for their peers.

Monday has been a great day for camp, with many campers trying new things. Some of the most popular times of our day are free land and free water. During these times, campers get to choose any land and any water area to participate in. In fact, due to the warm weather, more than 60 campers chose to go swimming! This enthusiasm for camp was also seen during free land with the basketball court virtually empty with many campers playing Capture the Flag in rec or making “Shrinky Dinks” in Arts and Crafts. Of course, campers are very enthused about our night activity tonight, which combines Pokemon with a little bit of strategy. Cabins must work together to find staff members in the woods and challenge them to duels with playing cards. The rest of the week has equally exciting night activities, including TV Game Show night, our epic “Battle of Gettysburg,” and Mario Party night.


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