Super Saturday

Well, another week is done here at Camp Daggett. The well certainly was an interesting one. With some cooler, wetter weather to start the week, and some beautiful weather to finish it off. Both our campers and our staff did a fantastic job of being flexible and always keeping a smile on! Our campers’ enthusiasm is second to none. This was certainly seen in two of our night activities: Daggettstock and our Olympics.

For our Olympics, campers were split into for teams and competed all day on various camp sports including GaGa ball, hockey, basketball and soccer. Campers showed amazing teamwork and support as they cheered their teams on to victory. In the end, Tonga took home the gold! Daggettstock, or okay on Woodstock, saw campers make up dances and skid to some popular 60s and 70s hits. It’s always great to see hour creative our campers are!

If that wasn’t enough, we also had one off our wilderness trips come back to camp last night. This trip was our kayaker trip, spending the well kayaking and camping around South Manitou island. Everyone said they had a blast! Speaking of kayaking, this weekend is also orr sixth annual ” Kayak for a Cause.” If you live on Walloon, be sure to keep and eye out for the team!

Last but not least, please take a moment to help us out by completing our Parent/ Camper evaluation by clicking here.



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