Already half way?!

Activity periods for today haven’t even started yet, but campers have already done so much today! This morning we held one of our Lake Swims, with campers being boated over to the other side of the lake and then swimming back. Of course, campers swim with many staff lifeguards, have kayaks next to them, and are even accompanied by four escort boats. Those who swam it, and we had more than thirty today, got some hot chocolate and doughnuts at breakfast! Of course, there are many other very popular things to do here at Camp Daggett before the day even gets started. Early morning rec (EMR) and Polar Bear are always big hits. If campers wake up at 7:30 and do these optional activities four times a week, they will get an award on Friday. Today is also special because many campers are participating in “Wacky Wednesday.” Organized by our Program Aides, campers get to wear their clothes backwards, put bathing suits on the outside of their clothes, put their socks on their hand, and do whatever other crazy things they can thing of. Our Program Aides give awards to campers on Friday who participated.

Right after breakfast, campers get a chance to help tidy up camp a bit. As soon as breakfast is dismissed, campers are tasked with returning to their cabins and making them sparkle. They sweep, rake, straighten up bunks, and of course put all those dirty clothes away. Campers also have time to clean their “Caper,” or an area around camp that needs a little rake, sweep, or tidying. Some cabins clean up the Rec Hall, others rake and straighten up the beach. We believe this a valuable time for our campers and for camp. Not only do these activities help to make camp look nice, it teacher campers many valuable skills. If cabins get done early,  they even get a chance to create a “Kiss Up,” a little skit or show for the Program aide who inspects their cabin. It is always great to see how creative our campers can get! At lunch, the top three cabins are announced in each category. The competition won’t stop there, as today is our Daggett Olympics!


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