It is hard to imagine that week 4 is almost half way done! Even though the weather has been a little bit rainy and chilly, campers’ spirits are certainly not dampened. Our staff have certainly put together an amazing week for campers. Starting out on Sunday, campers were treated to a little pageant with our counselors participating in a “Mr. and Mrs. Daggett” competition. With our area directors judging, cabins were tasked with helping to develop a character for their counselors and even helped them with their talent!

On Monday, campers got their first taste of some of the many activities Camp Daggett has to offer. On water and on land, cabins move around through our six areas as brother and sister cabins. The younger three cabins start at our waterfront, learning the basics of sailing, swimming, and canoeing. Older cabins participate in arts and crafts, recreation, and nature. After lunch and many songs, cabins switch, with older cabins on the water and younger ones on land. During lunch, cabins are always excited to see who wins some of our daily awards. Campers get very involved in cleaning their cabins as well as an area around camp. A popular favorite is making a “kiss up” for our program aides who help to judge the cleanest areas. Monday night finished with “Roman Night,” where campers practiced their gladiator skills, enjoyed gondola rides, made mosaics and much more.

Today, campers used many of the skills they learned on Monday in the areas. Sailing had a wonderful windy day, complete with just enough fog to add to the excitement. Since it was a little on the chilly side, there were many campfires around, including one in our dining hall. Having a fire in our beautiful stone fireplace always adds to atmosphere while eating a meal. Holiday Night wrapped up the night with campers rotating through a celebration of many holidays including the Fourth of July, Christmas, and even a haunted house for Halloween.

Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post, we have been having some technical issues but we hope to get some up soon 🙂


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  1. Greetings to Camp Daggett (campers and staff),
    Thanks for the weekly updates. This week is especially exciting for me…my granddaughter, Kathryn Zucker and her best friend, Emily Mansfield, are campers in the Black Feet cabin. Going to Camp Daggett is the highlight of their summer. Having experienced your wonderful women’s retreats, I can relate to their excitement. I also love Camp Daggett. Reading about the fire in the fireplace in your beautiful lodge gave me nostalgic feelings.
    Looking forward to hearing more about their week. My girls should be receiving my letters soon. Have fun.
    Barbara VanDecar

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