A Great Way to Start July

It is hard to believe July is well underway;  camp seems to only be just getting started! The last two days have seen so much excitement it is hard to keep track of all that has been done. One of the most popular extra events here at Camp is the Triathlon. Wednesday morning, campers were given an opportunity to wake up early and participate in this very special event. After running a course around camp, participants than went for a quick kayak and finished their race with a quick swim. Whether they were speedsters or just liked the feel of a brisk morning walk, everyone who participated was glad that they did.

Even though last night was a little on the cooler side, that didn’t stop us from thinking warm thoughts during our Luau Night! Rotating around many stations, campers brought the spirit of Hawaii to the shores of Walloon for sure. Campers got to sink canoes, play some Nuke ‘Em, go on a boat ride, surf and much more! Campers even got to sample some delicious grilled pineapple.

A new addition this year is a bran new GaGa pit. If you are unfamiliar with the sport, it is similar dodge ball. In this sport, players stand in a cage and try to roll or smack the ball towards other players’ legs. If one gets hit below the knee, they are out (I am sure that your camper will tell you much, much more). A huge thanks goes to the Youth Advisory Committees of both the Petoskey- Harbor Springs and Charlevoix County Community Foundations. Both of these groups of individuals helped to secure a grant to fund the new GaGa pit. Camp Daggett and its campers are very appreciative of all the love and support that both these groups give, as well as the countless others who give time, money, energy and most importantly love to Camp Daggett.


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