Welcome to Week 2!

Our second session has gotten off to a great start! The fun started as soon as the campers arrived on Sunday. After settling in, many counselors take their campers to their fire pit or the rec field to play some name games and get to know each other. After a brief fire drill and some more introductions, campers were treated to a delicious dinner of baked chicken. Luckily, the weather stayed clear for our night activities. Campers first went on a tour around camp, learning about all of the different areas and activities that we have here. But the real fun was out Daggett Auction. In this night activity, each cabin has to go back to their cabin and grab as many wacky, zany objects as they can. Everyone then sat in a big horseshoe on the rec field as Laura, our Arts and Crafts Director, called out an object. If someone in that cabin had that object, they then went up to score a point for their team. It was amazing to see how creative some of our cabins could get.

Monday saw just as much fun! Even though it was a little cooler, campers still had a blast both in water and on land. Campers certainly had a blast Yak boarding during free water. In fact, free water and free land are always really popular times. Camper get to choose any water, and any land area that they want to go to! Our area directors are always working hard to come up with new, fun, and safe programming for these times. Today in free land is of course or famous “Tie-Dye Tuesday.” Other activities in these times include sailing, swimming to the raft, tennis ball frenzy, and feeding the snake, and many, many more.

Last night saw a brand new night activity- Hockey Night in Daggett (a play on CBC’s “Hockey Night in Canada”). We had a tournament of all of the cabins that were in, as well as all the other things you need to have a great hockey game. Campers could have some popcorn, make some pom poms, practice some drills, and of course play in their hockey games. A special shout-out goes to the Huron Cabin who, all on their own, decided to spend some time in the middle of the rec field doing some stretches and warm-ups before their big games. In the end, it was the Ojibwe cabin who prevailed, taking home our very own Daggett Cup.

The Blackfeet Cabin shows off their wacky attire for the Daggett Auction!

The Blackfeet Cabin shows off their wacky attire for the Daggett Auction!

A trip to the hockey game isn't complete without some concessions

A trip to the hockey game isn’t complete without some concessions

The Ojibwe Cabin hoists the Daggett Cup

The Ojibwe Cabin hoists the Daggett Cup


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