Princesses, Flags and Tie Dye

Well,  a week of Camp Daggett must be in full swing! We have had such an amazing, and eventful first week here. Although there has been some weather issues, it is amazing to see how our campers and staff are able to be so flexible and creative. In a rare occurrence, it actually rained on our very first night! This made it hard to have our normal Sunday routine, so a last minute switch was made and our counselors put on a little talent show. Many of the cabins helped to dress up their counselors and even help them with their talents!

Of course, camp wouldn’t be complete without some time in the sun, and luckily we have finally gotten some of that. Today was perhaps our most beautiful day yet! In the upper 70’s and sunny all day, campers couldn’t help but to smile from the sunshine alone. Of course, our fantastic staff had plenty of new and exciting programming to offer up as well- which certainly added to those smiles. Boys and girls alike couldn’t get enough of “Disney Night;” playing games like “Where’s my Slipper?” and even getting a chance to build there own Olaf from Frozen.

Today, Rec was the place to be. Campers cannot seem to get enough of “GaGa Ball.” For those who are unfamiliar with the sport, here’s a brief rundown. Inside of a circle or octagon, campers are given a soft ball to roll at each other. When someone gets hit with the ball, below the legs, they are out. It is a simple, but fast paced game. What makes it so neat is that everyone is able to be involved, and even if one gets out, there will be a new game very soon!


Image Campers freeze playing “Where’s my Slipper” (top) A camper shows off his trophy Thursday morning (bottom)


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