We’re going to leave old Daggett

Well our last session has ended here at Camp Daggett. While it was a little sad on our Final Friday, spirit were still plenty high as they had been throughout the week. This week, campers did many fun activities. Some of our campers’ favorites include Tennis Ball Frenzy in canoeing, and playing lots of dodge-ball, Gaga Ball, and archery in rec. The beauty of Camp Daggett’s schedule is that all campers get to go to every area everyday, but also have built in “free times” where they can choose which of our areas they want to go to on both land and water. Of course, our night activities are always a blast, and we are sure that your camper(s) are telling you many more stories then we can ever convey here.

As camp is now over, it is important to give a huge shout out to all of those who make camp possible. All of our counselors work so hard day in and day out to provide a fun and safe time for our campers that it is amazing to see how they can keep up the positive attitudes and high spirits right up until it is time for them to leave. Supervising 10 campers can be a lot of work, but it is worth it just to see the smiles and hear the laughter each week. Our area directors are another amazing link in our chain, planning class periods and coming up with new and innovative night activities. It is wonderful to see how creative our area director’s can be, as well as seeing how close they form bonds with the campers.

Camp certainly would not run as smooth as it would without our wonderful group of support staff. Our maintenance director Leroy is constantly working to improve camp, as well as supervising our 15 year old service aides. While the work may not be the prettiest, Leroy and his team are certainly unsung heroes of Camp Daggett. As with the maintenance team, our Health Director deserves a huge kudos for all of the work that she does. Lindsey is always trying her best to make parents, campers, and the staff here feel their best. Whether it is helping to ease those first night jitters, or communicating with families regarding their campers, she gives 110% of herself to camp. Our food service staff is another group that deserves countless thanks. Camp Daggett has always prided itself on the quality of its food, as well as the knowledge and compassion of all who work in the kitchen. Our head cooks, Lori and Dennis, sacrifice their summers, vacations, and free time to come prepare all of our wonderful meals. Helping them out in the kitchen, our food service staff would certainly not be here if it were not for the smiles, thank yous, and hugs from all of the staff and even some campers.

A final “Thank You” goes out to all of our parents, campers, and families; without you, there would be no Camp Daggett. One way to help is to be sure to complete our Parent/Camper evaluation survey by clicking here. As we tell campers every Friday night, if it wasn’t for the support, kind words, and generosity of countless people, Camp Daggett would not the place it is today. This includes the many members of local service clubs, our Board of Directors and year round staff. But most importantly it is the children that make Camp Daggett what it is. All involved with Camp have one thing in common: They want to see youth grow, have fun, and learn to be well-rounded people.



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