And we’re back!

This post is going to be all about the end of week 7, stay tuned for an update from week 8 later today or tomorrow.

Again, we apologize for our network problems towards the end of our seventh session! While there was no internet, there was plenty of fun! While we will talk about some here, we’re sure that your camper(s) can tell you much, much more! Since Monday, so many new and exciting things happened. Every morning was quite busy, with our Triathlon on Tuesday and our Lake swim on Wednesday. We also still had our famous “Polar Bear” and “Early Morning Rec” every morning, and many campers went every day that they could and received an award on Friday.

Roman night was a huge hit on Tuesday night. Campers got a chance to ride in a gondola, practice their discuss throwing, and ate plenty of grapes and breadsticks. Of course, the evening had to end with a gladiator battle! Wednesday night got a bit hectic with some storms, but our amazingly flexible staff was able to keep all of our campers safe and happy during the night. Our campouts got a little wet, and both ended up returning to the safety of camp during the storm. But that didn’t stop them from having dinner over a fire, playing some games, and of course lots of S’Mores.  Thursday saw a giant game of capture the flag, with all of our campers playing all over camp.

This week, our oldest cabins got to do a very special activity. The morning after their campouts, campers canoed from the Pines (our oldest campout spot) to the village of Walloon. There, they enjoyed doughnuts before putting their canoes in the Bear River. Campers then canoed down the river for a few hours before being picked up and having a picnic back in the village. Campers had so much fun, and were also happy to be presented with the challenge. This activity will probably be something that we offer more often next year, so stay tuned next summer for further developments.

Parents, please take a moment to complete our Parent/Camper Evaluation Survey by clicking here. The feedback and written comments help us out tremendously and should only take around ten minutes to complete. If you complete the survey, you are automatically entered into a drawing to win a free week of camp for your camper- just don’t forget to complete the last page with your contact information. Thank you!


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