A Chilly Start

While the temperatures may be a bit chilly, Camp Daggett is just heating up! After a few introductions and meetings on Sunday, campers got things started by visiting all of our areas and learning about some of the many activities that they will be doing throughout the week. Campers also enjoyed our game of “Catch-the-Counselor.” During this activity, cabins worked together to find our counselors hidden in the woods. At the end, all of our staff each got one minute to try to make our campers laugh- if not they had to find a treat in some pudding. (everyone did in the end though).

Today is when the action really got started. Younger cabins started out on the waterfront, while older campers enjoy out land areas in the AM. After lunch and rest hour, cabins switched so that our younger campers got time on land and older ones on water. A great time of the day is always Free Water, which happens right after 6th hour. This time, along with free land, allows campers to choose a water and a land area that they would like to spend more time at. Our area directors work hard to make sure that they have many new, fun, and original activities for these times. After some dinner and an hour of free time, our night activity began. Tonight we had “Superhero” night. In order to defeat Loki and his friends, cabins had to work together in stations ranging from “crossing lava” to “armor making.” In the end, Loki and his friends were defeated- in part due to the teamwork and camaraderie of our campers.

Tomorrow morning will see out Triathlon, which consists of a run, a short yak ride, and a swim. This optional event takes place at 7:15 in the morning and many campers enjoy the thrill of an early start to the day. Tomorrow night will also see our classic Roman Night, consisting of chariot races, bread sticks, and even gondola rides. Wednesday will see a brand new night activity revolving around the concept of a sleep over- complete with story making and even nightmare escaping. Our epic flour and water battle known as “The Battle of Gettysburg” will take place on Thursday night, and the week will be capped off with out initiation on Friday,


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