What a finish!

Well, week six is all over. 😦 Although there was some rain, we still had a fantastic end of the week. Thursday night saw out “Medieval Night,” complete with jousting, poetry writing, and even an epic battle between staff members at the end. Dinner was extra special, as out cook Dennis made some roast beef, and even carved it fresh for our campers during dinner, with the help of Nathan. Our campouts on Thursday night may have gotten a little bit yet, but that didn’t stop our oldest and youngest cabins from having a blast.

The fun kept going on Friday, which is always a special day here at Camp Daggett. One of our most popular Friday activities is our Frog Pond. During Nature, campers get a chance to go catch frogs in our nature pond. We let them go of course, although there are plenty to go around.  While the rain curtailed our plans for a cook out, we still had a “cook in.” John, our director, grilled up some hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone, but then we ate inside. The rain also had us start our initiation inside, doing awards and skits in the rec hall. The rain let up just in time for us to have our special ceremony in its traditional spot!

Parents, please be sure to take a few moments to complete our “Parent/Camper Evaluation.” The comments and feedback received are very helpful and much appreciated!


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