Off to another great start!

Well another great week has started here at Camp Daggett! As always we got the week rolling on Sunday with meetings, tours, and a great night activity. Last night we did “Progressive Storytelling.” Each cabin, along with their brother or sister cabin, rotated to many different spots around camp to piece together a story. The catch was that at each station, they only added a line or two. This meant that in the end, the cabins all had some very interesting stories! Campers acted out their stories for everyone else on the basketball court at the end of the night.

Monday was a great day- plenty of sun and fun. After all of the activity periods each day, campers get to choose any of the water and any of the land areas that they want to go to. We call these times free water and free land. Campers love these times, and it is always such a tough decision choosing which areas to go to. Today was certainly no exception, especially on land. Today, campers could barely choose between Capture the Flag, Duct Tape Bracelets, and our famous MudWalk! ¬†This was all followed by our “Wizard of Oz” night. Campers had to work together to find Munchkins, Witches, and even Dorthy and the gang hidden all throughout camp. For their hard work, campers got lollipops as a reward.

The rest of the week is looking like it will be just as exciting. Tomorrow will see a brand new night activity featuring activities based on many of our campers’ favorite books. Wednesday will be quite unique- it is our Olympics! Campers will spend the whole afternoon and evening competing as “countries” in many different sports and activities. Thursday will see Camp Daggett be transported back to medieval times for Medieval night! Stay tuned for more updates throughout the week.



4 thoughts on “Off to another great start!

  1. The blog is fantastic!! My Grandson is attending this week…4th Generation Camper! My BEST childhood memories are of the 9 Summers I spent at Camp Daggett! I am so excited for Charles, and so wish I was a 10 year old again! No better place in the World to be!! Camp Daggett Spirits never die!!
    Judy Kohler Krzeszewski

  2. I love this blog; it brought back such good memories from my camping days! My son is a 1st time camper this year (& 3rd generation camper). I can’t wait to hear what his favorite activities were.

  3. I second that blog compliment! My son, is a fourth generation Camp Daggett camper this week, and I can only imagine how wonderful this would seem to his great- grandfather- a camper in the 1930’s!

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