Week 5 is all done :(

Week five was certainly an eventful one! A huge kudos goes out to the staff for being super flexible in dealing with the weather. Friday morning definitely was hectic, with a chance of thunderstorms all morning. Campers still got to have fun, whether it was inside or out. Thursday night was also a favorite for campers- “Survivor Night.” In addition to earning points throughout the day, cabins competed in many challenges at night to earn points. Campers ate dirt cups, surfed, shot free throws, and tried their hardest at many more challenges. In the end, the Potawatomi cabin was victorious.

Friday was a blast! Even though there was some touchy weather, our area directors kept the parties going wherever they were. Campers certainly enjoyed all of the music and dancing, and certainly loved out traditional Friday night cookout. This was all capped off with our classic initiation ceremony.

On a special note, today is our Adventure Center’s annual “Kayak for a Cause.” This fundraiser sees kayaks raising money and kayaking all along the shoreline of Walloon. If you happen to be on the lake, be sure to give them a smile and a wave!

Finally, please take a moment to complete out Parent/Camper evaluation. This brief survey will only take ~10 minutes for you to complete, but the feedback and comments we receive help us immensely.



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