Independence Day

The Fourth of July is always a popular night here at Camp Daggett! We started out celebration off in the only way we knew how: a cookout! Our night cook Dennis came in and grilled up some chicken for the entire camp. We even had corn-on-the-cob. potato salad, and chocolate chip cake to go with it!  Campers even got to eat outside with their cabins. Because our cookout went so well, campers are going to get to enjoy ANOTHER cookout this evening.

After cookout, we started our Fourth of July extravaganza! And no Independence Day celebration is complete without a parade. Cabins all worked together and made banners showing off their patriotic spirits, and we then marched with those banners up to the rec field. On the rec field, Brandon had prepared for us a spectacular extravaganza. This festival had everything! Campers got to have a watermelon seed spitting contest, a fortune teller, a duck pond, and even face painting. But the two most popular stations by far were the cotton candy machine and the dunk tank. In the later, campers got a chance to dunk some of their counselors, CITs, and area directors. At many stations, campers got tickets that they could then trade in for prizes.

At the end of the evening, campers went back to their cabins to change and get ready for bed, although they were then told to return to the basketball court. After getting some glow sticks and having a seat at our fire circle, campers saw some store-bought fireworks go off from our swimming docks. This was just the warm up though, as campers soon saw the real show. Our professionally assembled fireworks were once again a hit with campers, and there were many oohs and ahhs. Since it was a late night, campers got to sleep in this morning. But that doesn’t change the activity at Camp, as many areas are currently having dance parties, beach parties, and dock parties. Campers are certainly having a blast on their last day here at Camp Daggett.

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