What a Week!

Well, week 6 has come and gone. While the weather wasn’t always the best this session, everyone sure did make the best of it. Our staff can be so amazing at making the best out of bad situations. Luckily, the weather was great for our version of the Olympic games on Thursday. After rest hour, campers did not have their afternoon classes or free water and land; instead they had Olympics. After some flag making and cheer creating, the teams of Ireland, Australia, Germany and…Chad had an opening parade up to the rec field to watch Leroy carry the Olympic torch to our very own Olympic flame. The water events would be first, with campers racing canoes and sailboats, carrying wet towels, and even sinking canoes! After the water events, the team sports began first with some water polo, Nuke ‘Em, Dodgeball and Ultimate frisbee. After these sports, the teams all got together for some Tug Of War! Going into dinner, it was a close contest with the teams only separated by 4 points! Dinner was special, as all teams sat together under their own flags. The second round of games began after dinner, with Volleyball, Hockey, Soccer, and a water balloon toss. The evening concluded with our super relay which saw some campers running, arching, swimming, canoeing and even a potato sack race. In the end, Char won the gold for the day, although it was close and all our Olympians had a blast.

Friday once again saw some easy going activities, as parties were held in many of the areas. With lots of music, dancing, and even some grass skirts, campers had a blast as they celebrated their final day at camp. In the evening we held our weekly initiation. After a short award ceremony, cabins got a chance to act out the skits they had been practicing all week! Topics covered by the skits ranged all the way from “Where’d John Guirey’s hair go?” to “How did all the animals get in mac hall?” The staff also found out that many of our campers are great actors and actresses! At the end of the evening, our initiation ceremony was special and memorable for all the new campers, as well as the old.

As campers leave on Saturday, it is always good to hear them telling many stories about the week that they were here. However, as it is week 6, it is important to recognize a group of individuals that will also be leaving us. This group is our 15 year old Program aides and Service aides. During their two-week stay at camp, these former campers helped out so much- from cleaning bathrooms and packing for campouts, to walking around with cabins and participating in night activities. Camp would not run as smoothly as it does without the dedication and services provided by this valuable group of people. They will surely be missed.

With that, it is time to prepare for the final two weeks of camp. Feel free to follow along as we begin this final stretch of camp to read about many more of the things that will be happening. Also feel free to post comments and share memories about camp on these blog posts. Today, we will also try something new! Use the poll below to cast your vote with your camper (s) as to which night activity was liked the best, or which sounded the most fun!


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