Week 6 is here!

Week 6 is officially underway!  Campers excitedly arrived yesterday in anticipation of a great week.   Once campers met their cabin counselors and new cabin mates, they played games to get to know one another and start working as a team.  “Where’s my clipboard” is a Sunday favorite!  We then met together at the fire circle to learn more about Polar Bear Club, Early Morning Rec, the Triathlon, and other fun things campers can take part in during their week at camp.  Dinner was delicious with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and of course our vast salad bar, complete with hummus, string cheese, and lots of other options.  After dinner, campers went on Area Tours, where they visited each of the six areas in camp to learn more about what they will be doing during the week and meet the area directors.  The night ended with our night activity,  a scavenger hunt!  Campers walked around camp with their counselors to find different things, like the number of Downtown Daggett cabins, the number of Yak Boards in the canoeing area, and other interesting facts about camp.  As the area directors tallied up the scores, campers sang camp songs around the fire circle.  As the sun set, campers had their first Friendship Circle and headed to bed to rest up for their first full day at camp!

Monday brings beautiful, hot weather, perfect for water activities!  Campers cleaned their cabins, cleaned an area of camp, and “kissed up” to the proggies to try to win clean cabin, clean caper, and kiss up awards today at lunch.  They will also be singing their hearts out during lunch to try to win our newest award this year, the Singing Stick.  When a cabin wins the Singing Stick, they will get a button sewn on to their flag on the Singing Stick and get to carry this award around with them the entire day to let everyone know of their victory.  Today is the first day campers will visit all of the six areas, swimming, sailing, canoeing, recreation, arts and crafts, and nature.  They will be learning a lot today and participating in lots of fun activities.  After spaghetti dinner tonight, they will take part in Dr. Seuss Night!  Campers will be hunting for six different Dr. Seuss characters throughout camp doing silly things along the way.  The oldest cabins, Potawatomi and Mohawk, will be doing Adventure this evening.  They will participate in team building activities and challenge themselves during high ropes.  It will be busy day filled with fun!  Continue checking back for more updates throughout the week!



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