Week Three is Already Here!

Week 3 has started off great! As always seems to be the case when it comes to camp, the weather is usually better than we could hope for! After arrival and some introductions, campers hunted for their counselors who were hiding in the woods- but when they found them, there was a twist! After all of the counselors were found, each counselor had only one minute to make our campers laugh. Those who didn’t had to face the music as they jumped in the lake. Being such good sports, all of our counselors ended up jumping in the lake anyway!

Monday went pretty smoothy as campers had their first experiences in all six of our fantastic areas. While younger campers learned the basics of how to sail and canoe, as well as took part in swim testing, older campers got their first look at arts and crafts, recreation, and nature. Everyone had a blast at lunch, where we announced the winners of our clean cabin, clean caper, and kiss up awards. With those awards being given out everyday, many campers will come back with stories of how they did a fantastic job helping keep camp looking great. The night activity was Pirate Night, and campers had to work to put together a map that lead them to their “treasure” of snacks. To get the map pieces, campers had to answer some trivia, play “battleship,” navigate a gauntlet of wet sponges, and work as a team to cross a “deadly” alligator-infested volleyball court. In the end, everyone found their treasure and even enjoyed some hilarious skits put on by our staff.

Today has been an equally exciting day, with campers learning some basic freestyle technique in swimming, playing lots of exciting games in recreation, and having fun in every area they are visiting. As always, tie-dyeing in arts and crafts is  a huge hit. Tonight will see “Big-B’s Ultimate All-Sports Challenge” which will pit campers against staff in some of the fiercest competition ever. Campers will rotate through our staff of “expert” athletes in sports ranging from free-throw shooting to tetherball. Tomorrow will be an exciting day, as we honor our nation for the 4th of July. We will be having an awesome extravaganza much like a county fair, complete with popcorn and a dunk tank! Afterwords, campers may be up a little later than usual as we dazzle them with a “special surprise.”


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